1:1 Coaching Engagements

Becoming Aware™ Individuals

Guiding people as they answer questions as “Where do I go next?” and “What’s really important to me now and how can I create space to integrate it into my life?” Becoming Aware™ Coaching is an opportunity to slow down, reflect, gain insight before you take empowered actions towards living a purposeful, meaningful and balanced life.  Whether you are considering a transition or are knee deep in one not of your making, allow Becoming Aware™ Coaching to support your journey to empowering your next step.

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Becoming Aware™ Partners

Guiding couples and business partners to relax into empowered relationships by resolving the question, “Why Aren’t You Listening to Me?”. Ever wish you had a trusted confidant in the room as you and your spouse or partner work through communication and alignment challenges?  Do you wish you could figure out a way for you to feel safe, be heard, and understood?  Allow Becoming Aware™ Coaching to support you and your partner in creating boundaries and agreements so you both feel open to share your desires and goals while you learn to communicate with greater ease and effectiveness.

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Becoming Aware™ Co-Parents

Helping couples consciously uncouple and create a new relationship that respects the children you both love and cherish.  You two may have decided that you are not well suited for a long term love affair, but that doesn’t mean that your children need to suffer in the process. Utilizing a mixture of effective communication, stress management techniques and healthy boundaries, you gain the extraordinary benefits of Becoming Aware™ coaching.

Looking for a fast start to creating a Co-Parenting Relationship that honors both of you, as well as keeping your focus on the children you share as you improve your communication? Check out Relationship Roadtrip™ hereIt’s not just for the love you have, but for the love you are letting go. 

Becoming Aware™ Leaders

Guiding developing leaders to connect in a way that inspires and motivates your team to get better results with less effort.  Becoming Aware™ Leaders is an opportunity to pause and get your bearings as you identify your unique strengths and challenges as a leader and to breakthrough self-imposed limits.  360 degree interviews, communication assessments, Positive Intelligence (PQ) practice, and more are part of the coaching toolkit that brings you the results you are after while leveraging your innate gifts and strengths to propel your leadership to the next level and beyond.

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Why Becoming Aware™ Coaching?

With over 20 years experience, Teresa is a former stressed out private banking executive turned author, communication and relationship expert who supports leaders to embrace their innate superpowers using proven strategies and cutting edge techniques designed especially for challenging times like now. With experience at multibillion-dollar companies in the financial services industry, as well as graduate level psychology, Teresa supports clients to explore their authentic selves and play with what is possible when they do. Teresa has a knack for reading between the lines and getting right to the heart of the matter balancing logic and intuition to create lasting change. Engaging powerful, root level habit forming practices with out-of-the-box thinking propels client journeys of transformation and empowers leaders to inspire their teams to embrace their full potential while getting better results with less effort and stress. 

“In life’s journey you get to plan your stay”

~ Teresa Lodato, CPCC, ACC, CFM

I am committed to helping individuals and leaders achieve success in their careers, develop relationships that are healthy and supportive, while embracing practices to dramatically elevate self-awareness. My calling in life is to inspire others to show up authentically and fully express themselves regardless of the situation in which they find themselves. By working with me, Becoming Aware™ clients have consciously chosen the next leg of their journey and now live empowered, happy and successful lives filled with curiosity and excitement. Becoming Aware™ coaching supports and guides you to create a journey through life that is so fulfilling and fun that you never want to give up the adventure.  Imagine for a moment what it would be like to fully express yourself authentically, living your life with the freedom to be who you truly are without any regrets.  What would your life look like to take chances and be courageous? What would it feel like to live out loud and make a positive impact on the world around you?  Just as past and present Becoming Aware™ clients have done, I encourage you to bet on yourself, step two feet into what is possible and wake up to the life you were born to lead by becoming authentic… becoming brave… Becoming Aware™!

What to Expect as a Becoming Aware™ Client

Service Excellence:  My weekday office hours meet the demands of most Becoming Aware™ clients; however, I do reserve a few hours Wednesday evening and Saturday morning for my busiest clientele. Because I do all of my coaching over the phone, my clients save time by not having to travel to appointments and can access me anywhere you are whether traveling for business or vacation. I also offer eCoaching and power coaching calls in high value coaching packages, to support you in between sessions and for those times when you need a coach in your hip pocket.

Approach: As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, I use the Co-Active model as a roadmap for coaching. This model has successfully guided coaching conversations regardless of the topic or issue Becoming Aware™ clients bring to coaching sessions.  I also leverage skills and knowledge I’ve gathered throughout the years in both traditional and non-traditional modalities to support your efforts in Becoming Aware™.  I am a life long learner who is curious about how to help myself and my clients become better people. As I become more aware, my clients become more aware.

Responsive: I work with a limited number of clients so that each of you get a high quality coaching experience. You can expect me to return your call, text or email within 24 hours.

Confidentiality: I care deeply about Becoming Aware™ clients and honor the trust you place in me. I encourage my clients to show up each session ready to be vulnerable and real. I encourage you to come as you are, this is a judgement free zone.  Whether you share things you may not tell your best friend or closest confidant, you can feel assured your most sensitive matters are held in the strictest confidence.  

Compassionate, authentic support: As your coach, I am here to support your journey in Becoming Aware™.  I commit to holding you accountable, asking powerful questions, being a champion for your efforts all the while encouraging you to keep moving along your journey. I  celebrate you as you surpass milestones and achieve your goals and dreams, while holding you accountable when you’re feeling weary or have forgotten why you began your journey in the first place. I can do all of this and more for you, but the one thing I cannot do is journey your road for you.

What can I say, Teresa is incredible!  I was referred to her by a friend to receive some (much needed and long overdue) relationship advice.  I didn’t know why my wife and I had grown distant.  I felt frustrated, guilty and angry that I couldn’t be the man she wanted me to be. Within one session I had made a shift that my wife noticed immediately.  After three sessions, my wife decided she too wanted to get in on what I had discovered and began working with Teresa as well.  During our time together I learned tools that helped me become more aware of how I communicate, as well as realized how I was being triggered and methods to remain calm and present so I didn’t miss any clues my wife was giving me.  I can now catch when my wife is beginning to feel uptight or anxious and I don’t take it personally. This awareness has provided me a way to catch any issues BEFORE they get blown out of proportion.  My wife and I no longer have huge arguments and I no longer avoid her for days without speaking.  This alone has built incredible trust and intimacy with my wife. 

If you are on the fence about hiring Teresa, I would ask what the heck you are waiting for? If you care at all about having healthy, supportive and loving relationships, do not delay in booking a session. Life is way too short for a lousy marriage.  Teresa, your insight, communication skills and wisdom shine through and have helped me to become the man I wanted to be, knew I could be, but was a little scared to be.  Thank you for seeing the best version of me!”

Rob M. Raleigh, NC

Teresa is the real deal. She has a true ability to connect with you, see situations, and guide in a way that is 100% authentic. Teresa translates what your soul feels and wants to say, but (what) so many of us can’t see clearly or say with confidence that is how we actually feel. She has always said something that deep down I already knew and her sessions help put it into actual words, perspective, and forward-thinking advice. I started seeing Teresa to gain insight on something negative in my life. I had already gone to every other type of person possible (traditional doctors, acupuncture, therapy, etc.) and was willing to try anything just to say that I had tried it. Teresa gave me additional insight and ways to address it and it actually made a difference – a real and very meaningful difference, and now I will never be at that same point ever again! Words can never truly say how grateful I am to Teresa and her gift for changing my life so dramatically!  If you’re considering going to Teresa, it’s well worth the money to find out for yourself. Thank you for having a positive impact on my life, Teresa!”

Kate C. San Ramon, CA

Final thoughts about relationship coaching…

“Whether your relationship is awful, good, or great we don’t like endings.

We don’t like to lose things and especially, we don’t like to lose things that are important to us.

And make no mistake relationships are the single most important thing to you and your life.

It’s the source of all of your best memories.

It’s the source of all of your worst memories.

When you think back on your life and you’re 95, a hundred years old, 

and you look back over the course of your lifetime you’re not gonna think

I wish I owned a better phone

I wish I spent more time on the internet

I wish I spent more time at work or sleeping.

It’s not gonna be any of those kinds of things.

It’s gonna be I wish I spent more time with the people I love”

-Gary Lewandowski