Teresa Lodato, CPCC

From a very young age I was fascinated by people of all walks of life, different cultures, languages and lifestyles left me curious and wanting to know more.  I have spent my life exploring, traveling, meeting people, experiencing cultures, traditions, communities and relationships. My curiosity about people, why they do the things they do, how their beliefs are formed and what motivates them is of immense interest to me.  This worldview perspective means I am open minded and non-judgmental.  It is safe for you to bring whatever your heart desires to your sessions, in fact I ask that you do.

Throughout my life I worked in male dominated industries which gave me a great deal of insight into male and female psyches and helped form the perspectives I hold. A rare and serious illness abruptly brought an end to my career in the financial services industry.  At first, I told myself that I simply needed to switch careers, and began graduate school studying Psychology (Counseling and Consciousness & Transformative Studies).  I made this change too late however, as I realized my body needed deeper healing than just a career change. With my illness still not controlled, I succumbed to the realization that my doctor’s prognosis of never working again could be my reality.

Never one to quit without exhausting every available option, I explored many different western and eastern healing modalities in search of ways to heal my body/mind connection and deal with chronic stress related illnesses I experienced throughout my life.  Many of the modalities I am trained in come through while working with clients, as they are a natural alignment of mind/body communication and present valuable insights during sessions.  As a result of my healing journey and the implementation of the practices learned, I was able to finally pursue a career path that embraced my passion for supporting and teaching others to overcome the obstacles in their lives and have been trained & certified as a professional coach through CTI (Co-Active Training Institute). Because of vast experience, both research and experiential based, I am able to bring many tools to sessions in order to assist with your executive leadership and relationship coaching needs.

Formerly a divorced woman who found love online and overcame the statistics by marrying the love of my life in my forties, I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area as a blended family: one child from each of our marriages and a surprise child born in 2016. The skills I learned created a framework for healthy and supportive co-parenting relationships, as well as a joyful and fulfilling marriage.

When not coaching, you can find me hiking along the trails in Northern California, doing yin yoga, spending time with friends and family, playing a round of golf, volunteering with local animal assisted therapy groups and serving on various boards for patient support and therapy programs.  As a working mom, I have a lot to balance. The most important thing is keeping priorities in line and maintaining the skill set to maneuver the complexities of this modern day love affair.

Degree, Certifications and Trainings:

Bachelors Business Administration, concentrations in: Finance, Management, Accounting

MA Psychology, Counseling and Consciousness & Transformative Studies (pending)

Eco-Therapy (Eco-Psychology)

CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach by CTI (CoActive Training Institute)

Neuroscience of Coaching

360 degree feedback

Certified Financial Manager

Alison Armstrong

IASD Projective Dream Worker

AWI Women’s Group Facilitator & Leadership Program

Mill Valley Leadership Program

Spiritual Counselor

Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher

Body Talk Practioner

Linking Awareness

Animal Reiki Master/Teacher