About Teresa Lodato

Integrative Leadership & Relationship Coach

I use neuroscience-based coaching and insights to boost performance for leaders and teams.

Your brain is made up of two hemispheres. The latest neuroscience research informs us that it is not so much what each hemisphere can DO but rather HOW it does it. The task positive network focuses on the detail in the world and is great for taking action (micro).  The default mode network receives information and sees the big picture (macro).

So imagine what would be possible if you could easily leverage both the micro and meta perspective – at will? This is called integration and is when you are the most effective.

Integration’s power is in your ability to hold both concepts as equally important and provides you a more complete image than if you just examined the micro or macro views on their own. What is possible for you if you conditioned your brain to utilize these two perspectives together? Can you imagine how informed your decisions would be if you had access to ALL of the information you had available within you? It is time to master the power of whole brain thinking and become an integrative leader!

Imagine being able to free your mind from worries, release negative thoughts, boost your self-esteem, calm stress and feel confident.

I help you integrate intuition with mindset to dramatically improve results!

An unexpected beginning…

My journey began in 2009 when I developed a rare and serious form of migraine (Hemiplegic Migraine) which ended my 20+ career in financial services.

The doctors had no answers. They prescribed medications that were neither effective at ending the pain nor affecting the root cause of my symptoms. Along my journey, I discovered powerful secrets to natural healing through the use of mind-body therapies. Today, my life is more beautiful and fulfilling than it was before my diagnosis. I’ve learned how to set healthy boundaries, improve connection with my body, reconcile my inner and outer voice, raise self-awareness and strengthen my intuition.

Despite the occasional migraine, I now know how to dramatically reduce the severity and duration. The beauty in all of this is the harnessing of your abilities can be applied to any situation in life!

Today, I provide clients the tools to unlock the potential in their lives. If I can do that for them, just imagine what working with me can do for YOU.


Why Work With Me?

My journey led me to a deep exploration of therapies. What I learned transformed my life. I studied everything I could about Psychology, Neuroscience, Reiki, Bodytalk and other traditional and non-traditional modalities.

Early in life, I realized my intuitive abilities. I have the gift of knowing and learned at a young age to listen to my inner guide. Throughout my life, it has been a blessing helping me make better heart-centered decisions. I love teaching others to tap into their natural intuition as well.

Today I guide individuals and teams to fully align with their authentic selves, embrace their inner knowing, create opportunities for breakthroughs and drive bold choices in their personal and professional lives.

My book, Why Aren’t You Listening to Me? outlines a roadmap enabling leaders to speak in ways so others will listen, listen in ways which makes others feel heard, take positive action and achieve extraordinary results.

I’d love to help you uncover your innate gifts and strengths so that you too can unlock your potential.


  • Masters Level Psychology
  • 360º & DISC
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Positive Intelligence Pioneer Coach
  • Certified NeuroTransformational Coach (CNTC)
  • Neuroscience & Relational Trauma Coach
  • Leadership & Group Facilitator
  • DEI trained
  • Certified Financial Manager (CFM)
  • Former United States Navy with Secret Clearance (Honorable Discharge)
  • Certified Projective Dream Worker
  • Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher

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