Teresa Lodato, CPCC


  • Masters Level Psychology
  • Best selling author of Why Aren’t You Listening to Me?
  • Certified NeuroTransformational Coach (CNTC)
  • Certified Neuroscience Coaching & Relational Trauma (CRTC)
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Licensed Positive Intelligence Pioneer Coach
  • Certified Leadership Trainer & Group Facilitator
  • Certified Trainer & Group Facilitator for Women
  • 360º & DISC trained & certified
  • DEI trained
  • Certified Financial Manager (CFM)
  • Veteran, United States Navy
  • Certified Projective Dream Worker
  • Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui lineage)

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About Teresa Lodato

Founder of Becoming Aware®

Trauma is a catalyst for growth and struggle can be a moment of awakening. When you know things can’t go on the way they are and must change, you have two choices: carry on as you always have as though nothing has changed, or choose to accept that the way is through the pain and suffering you have experienced to change the way you are living and begin realizing a life of freedom and joy.

We live in a world of two hemispheres that are polarizing: science and spirituality. One world is rooted in what can be seen and  

Teresa speaking at an event describing her journey of transformation.

heard. The other world is rooted in what is felt, known and trusted at a core level. What you get by working with me is an integration of both worlds, and the opportunity to realize this gift as well.

Here is proof of the importance of spirituality to create resilient, mentally healthy individuals:

Researchers at Yale and Columbia Universities conducted a joint study because they were curious to know how the mental health of people is affected when they have or do not have, a deep spiritual connection regardless of religion or choice of no religion. What they learned was astounding and leads to further questions about how to leverage both these worldviews to live happy and fulfilling lives: When you are in touch with your spiritual self and fully integrate it into your life, you develop a thick neocortex aiding your ability to recover from challenges in life. Additionally, having a deeper spiritual life has shown a 75% increase in protection from depression (up to a 90% increase in protection if you are at high risk). Those with a strong spiritual connection are 80% less likely to develop addiction and have a 62% reduced risk of committing suicide.

My first book Why Aren’t You Listening to Me? outlines the journey of Lauren, an over stressed, high achieving woman who is experiencing pain and the threat of losing her job and potentially her marriage because she is not in touch with her innate gifts and strengths. Through her journey, she learns that in order to find balance, experience joy and fulfillment in all areas of her life, she must transmute her pain and suffering by moving through it. Along the way she learns the power of Becoming Aware to deepen her relationship to self and others and begins to realize rapid changes in her personal and professional relationships which lead to rapid success.

Using neuroscience-based coaching and insights, you too can experience the mind/body/soul integration that will create next level performance, resilience and empowerment of both your personal and professional lives.


An unexpected beginning…

My journey began in 2009 when I developed a rare and serious form of migraine (Hemiplegic Migraine) which ended my 20+ career in financial services. The doctors had no answers. They prescribed medications that were neither effective at ending the pain, nor affecting the root cause of my symptoms.

Along my journey, I discovered powerful secrets to natural healing through the use of the mind-body therapies, but more importantly I learned to listen to my body and completely trust myself. Knowing my limits and when to push boundaries, I grew in confidence and strength as all aspects of myself began working in unison.

Today, my life is more beautiful and fulfilling than it was before my diagnosis. I’ve learned how to set healthy boundaries, improve connection with my body, reconcile my inner and outer voice, raise self awareness and strengthen my intuition.

You likely may have a similar story, whether it is a health, life or professional challenge. Through all of my transformative work in this area, I know that any pain and suffering you have experienced can be helped by Becoming Aware. 


Why Work With Me?

Since the abrupt end of my 20+ year career in financial services, I have been deeply diving into scientific and spiritual modalities and have studied everything I could about psychology, neuroscience, dream working, Reiki and other traditional and non-traditional modalities. Science is proving that the presence of a deep spiritual connection is not only real, but is remarkable using the latest medical technology. Cutting edge research in neuroscience is also demonstrating that insight (intuition) is merely deeper and broader awareness, rather than something supernatural. You have the ability to tap into your inner knowing as well. Like a muscle, it requires use and practice to get stronger. Although I have always had the gift of inner knowing (spoiler alert!  you have always had it too!), I did not fully trust it until later in life where it 

Photo by Alina Grubnyak

has become a blessing combined with my education and experience helping me to make better heart-centered decisions which have proven not only enjoyable, but profitable as well. When you work with me, I will help you regulate and harmonize what your magic middle is so you too can experience opportunities for breakthroughs driving bold choices in your personal and professional lives. My science based approach moves beyond mere mindset and develops behaviors which lead to life changing outcomes.

Interested in private or corporate coaching?

No matter where you are, I would love to help. Schedule a call with me so I can learn a bit more about your situation, your challenges and what you would like to achieve. I have helped clients all around the world realize their best life! Book a breakthrough strategy call now by clicking below.