Becoming Aware

Embark on a journey of profound transformation
guided by the wisdom and expertise of
Elite Transformation Coach Teresa Lodato.

Awaken Your Highest Purpose
and Live a Life You Love

Through this revolutionary and transformative six-month group coaching experience, Teresa will help you ignite the beacon of your inner wisdom and tap into your most intrinsic gifts and strengths — sharing insightful guidance and practical tools to integrate your mind, body, and soul, awakening a profound awareness and amplifying your full potential.

Unlock Boundless

Distinctly different from other programs, Becoming Aware intertwines the scientific rigor of neuroscience and psychology with the soul-nourishing qualities of transcendental practices to offer a life-changing and lasting transformation for high-achieving action takers.

Becoming Aware moves far beyond standard methodologies. You’ve tried yoga, meditation, wellness retreats, and breathing exercises — yet that undercurrent of unease and dissatisfaction persists. It’s time to learn how to tune into the whispers of your innate discernment and intuition, align with the natural rhythms of your body, and marshal the power of your mind to unlock boundless fulfillment and find true balance living a life you love.

Throughout six transformational months, Teresa will provide exclusive weekly podcast episodes to help guide you on your journey. Bi-monthly group coaching calls will include the latest findings on neuroplasticity, psychology, neuroscience, and transcendental practices — all designed to help you harness the evolutionary power of an integrated mind, body, and soul. 

Client Experiences

Unleash Your Truest Self and Thrive

Your time is now. Learn how to step into the eye of the storm to find total clarity, calm, and purpose. Stop living life in seemingly uncontrollable chaos. Unleash your most powerful, wise, and successful self and move into a new era where you thrive as your truest self.

The investment for this transformational experience is
$7,500 and includes:




Over this powerful six-month experience, Teresa will offer teachings and insights that cover various key learnings. You’ll be empowered to make conscious decisions that fuel inspired action and shape a life that truly resonates with your soul’s deepest desires.

At the end of Becoming Aware, you will have:

Join the 85% of clients who have increased their happiness — and the 97% who have improved empathy through Becoming Aware.