Why Aren’t You Listening to Me?

Elevate Your Emotional Intelligence and Connect with Your Team
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The rising value of emotional intelligence and intuition

You are driven, focused and have a knack for getting things done… most of the time. When challenges arise, it is often because your communication style did not go over well with others. Your no-nonsense attitude and focus on tackling tasks don’t always resonate with your direct reports and colleagues. If this sounds familiar, then elevate your emotional intelligence and connect with your team!

In this book Teresa Lodato, a leadership and relationship coach, shares a roadmap to get people listening, taking positive action, and achieving extraordinary results.


  • establish routines that fuel your body and decrease stress
  • improve joy in life by healing their overstressed body and overthinking mind
  • do more of the right things with less effort
  • use the gifts they were born with to achieve greater results

Elevating your emotional intelligence is a surefire way to accomplish everything you need at work and in life, and leaves you feeling stronger and healthier in the process. The answers you’ve been asking for are in this book.

Start reading it today!