Becoming Aware™ Circle


(She/Her/Hers only community)



Do you truly TRUST the choices you are making in your life?


Do you honestly BELIEVE that you are worthy of great things?


Do you FEEL you need to please others so you will receive the love and attention you are longing for


(but often do not truly get)?


Do you ignore your INNER KNOWING and the guidance it offers to you?



You are not alone.  I have been there too…



Making choices that were not aligned with WHO I am.


Not believing fully that I am WORTHY of having great things/people in my life.


Pleasing my family, my friends, my lovers but not GETTING the love I needed.


Shutting down my heart and not LISTENING to my inner knowing.



I am a former stressed out financial services executive whose 20 year career ended when I was diagnosed with a rare and serious chronic stress related illness called Hemiplegic Migraine whose hallmarks are stroke like symptoms along with intense migraine pain and accompanying conditions.



At the time I was diagnosed, I was in an incredibly challenging marriage and raising a very young son.



Thinking I could gloss over what was stressing me out in life and that a change of career might be all I needed, I switched gears (and career aspirations) and studied Consciousness & Transformative Psychology in grad school.



I was very wrong in thinking a change in career was all that was needed to heal my body and overcome my illness!



Still struggling with regular episodes, I finally gave in an accepted my fate of never working again.



But then something magical happened…



In learning to let go of everything I thought was important to me, gave me the freedom I had been longing for but never accepted. Giving up the pressure I was putting on myself to heal was precisely what I needed to actually begin healing.  Listening to my body was exactly what I needed to do in order to create a beautiful, healthy relationship with myself.  Learning how to fully love, honor and respect my body is the journey I still walk today.






There is something magical about giving yourself space and time to pause, to retreat and relax.  Why is it that as women, we focus so much on the outer relationships in life and ignore the most important one with ourself?  Sure, we are all tired of the worn out “self care routine” that is featured in every magazine, on television, even on your social media feeds.  Usually they are linked with an option to buy an “AMAZING” product that promises to wash away all of your guilt, pain and unworthiness.  Therein is the one of the great lies in our society – that you need something outside of yourself in order to “fix” the inside of yourself.


Darling sister, you are so much more than that!!


You are already naturally creative, resourceful and whole!  You do not require fixing.  You are already worthy of great things in your life, lest you believe in yourself and place your attention there.  You have unique gifts and strengths that only YOU possess.  It is not only your birthright, it is also your responsibility to embrace what you have been given and use it for the benefit of your own community.

If you have read this far and resonate with what I have written, know you are on the SHero’s Journey… and you are not alone.



Unlearning all the embedded hypocrisy in our society takes effort, but can be done.  Just as you are seeing in our world today, the awareness of how we have been treating other races, genders, animals and the world around us is bringing in new ways of thinking, of speaking to one another, of honoring and respecting everyone and everything.  



It is YOUR time to heal and accept your greatness too!



You are capable of doing it alone; but as women our bond is in sisterhood, in gathering in community to support and witness each other uncovering one another’s greatness.  There is something truly magical and healing about being in a community of like minded women who are on a journey of awakening to their authentic selves, living the SHero’s path…



This is Circle



Circle is a place where women come to gather in sisterhood, to share their stories and support other women who are on their journey of Becoming Aware



Circle is different from most women-only communities in that you have the opportunity to not only experience a community of awakening women,  you also get the option to be supported in a ways that meets your individual needs.



Circle is not just community however.  In Circle you will have the opportunity to sample various healing modalities and cutting edge techniques in addition to proven strategies to support you on your journey of Becoming Aware™!  Explore your own unique gifts and strengths then learn how to apply them to your personal and professional relationships.  All of this and so much more is available to you in Circle!



If your personal and professional relationships are not healthy and balanced,  


If you are not effectively communicating with others so you feel safe, heard and understood, 


If you are not fully honoring your body, mind and spirit and all the gifts each provides you,  


Are you truly living a life of purpose and fulfillment?



No matter where you are on your awakening journey,




Becoming Aware™ Inner Circle 


Inner Circle is an opportunity to further explore your awakening journey by learning multiple ways of connecting with yourself and others through community, group teaching as well as online group or private coaching. You will not only receive expert guidance by highly trained and seasoned guides as you integrate everything you learn, but will also be exposed to various scientific techniques and cutting edge tools which ensures lasting results for the effort you provide along your journey of Becoming Aware.  

No matter what is going on in your life right now, whatever stressors or challenges you are facing, know that you too can be blessed with the harmony and peace that comes from following your heart and continuing your journey of Becoming Aware™.

  You deserve to be loved, honored and supported just for being you.  You are worthy of feeling safe, secure and understood.  

It is time for you to learn to trust yourself and your choices in life.

Are you ready to experience the life your heart is longing for you to live?