Becoming Aware™ Circle

(She/Her/Hers only community)

I am a former stressed out financial services executive whose 20 year career ended when I was diagnosed with a rare and serious chronic stress related illness called Hemiplegic Migraine whose hallmark are stroke like symptoms along with intense migraine pain and accompanying conditions.

At the time, I was also in an incredibly challenging marriage and raising a young son.

Thinking I could gloss over what was stressing me out in life and that a change of career might be all I needed, I switched gears (and career aspirations) and studied Psychology in grad school.

Boy, was I wrong in thinking a change in career was all that was needed to do the trick!

Still struggling with regular episodes, I finally gave in an accepted my fate of never working again.

But then something magical happened…

Giving up the pressure I was putting on myself to heal was precisely what I needed to actually begin healing.


There is something magical about giving yourself space and time to pause, to retreat and relax.  There is also something magical and healing about being in a community of like minded women who are on a journey of awakening to their authentic selves…

This is Circle, a place where women come to gather in sisterhood, to share their stories and support other women who are on their journey of Becoming Aware

Circle is different from most women-only communities in that you have the opportunity to not only experience a community of awakening women, but also have the option for support that meets your individual needs.

Circle is not just community however.  In Circle you will have the opportunity to sample various healing modalities and cutting edge techniques in addition to experiencing proven strategies to support you on your journey to Becoming Aware™!


If your personal and professional relationships are not healthy and balanced,  

If you are not effectively communicating with others so you feel safe, heard and understood, 

If you are not fully honoring your body, mind and spirit and all the gifts each provides you,  

Are you truly living a life of purpose and fulfillment?

No matter where you are on your awakening journey,

Join us in Circle


Coaching for Becoming Aware™ Women 


In Circle you have the opportunity to further explore your awakening journey by learning multiple ways of connecting with yourself and others through community as well as online group and private coaching depending upon the membership level you join. No matter which membership you choose, you will receive expert guidance by highly trained and seasoned guides to help you integrate everything you learn.  Active participation in Circle ensures you getting lasting results for the effort you provide along your journey of Becoming Aware.  

No matter what is going on in your life right now, whatever stressors or challenges you are facing, know that you too can be blessed with the harmony and peace that comes from following your heart and continuing your journey of Becoming Aware™.

  You deserve to be loved, honored and supported just for being you.  You are worthy of feeling safe, secure and understood.  

Are you ready to experience the life your heart is longing for you to live? 

Becoming Aware™ Circle is:

* An opportunity for regular support as you take moments to pause and examine the “whole” in your life and relationships.

* An opportunity to experience different ways of being in relationship with yourself and with others.

* An opportunity to connect more deeply with the parts of you that are longing to be heard, felt and seen, as well as an opportunity to learn how to be present with others in the same way.

* A soft place to land so you can relax. When you relax and gather together in a community like Circle, your body releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone.  Connection is not only vital for a woman’s health and wellbeing, it feels good too!

* An investment in yourself and your relationships that will provide rich returns for those who venture to step two feet in and commit to being part of a circle of sisterhood.

* A returning to your sacred self, the circle of womanhood where you always have a seat.


* Becoming Aware™ Circle is NOT a place of therapy or to do deep, healing work.  

* It IS however, a playful place where you can learn and practice tools and techniques for self-examination, brevity and fun with a focus on making your personal and professional relationships less stressful and more enjoyable.

Becoming Aware™ Circle is a monthly group coaching and community membership where you receive all the benefits of coaching including accountability and focus, as well as a supportive community of women looking to create conscious relationships and live their life purpose as well!  

~ Weekly messages from Becoming Aware Coaching including playful practices with lots of opportunity to learn new tools and techniques for creating conscious relationships

~ Daily prompts for inspiration, meditation and inquiry ~ choose the ones that resonate with you most and best meet you where you are on your journey

~ Opportunities to experience various eastern and western modalities, as well as other proven scientific strategies and cutting-edge techniques to support your life and relationships

~ Monthly topics of focus, allowing you to dive deeper into different ways of Becoming Aware

~ Daily opportunities for e-group coaching so your most urgent questions do not wait for weekly calls 

…and so much more! 

Reclaim your seat in Circle!


 * You may cancel your membership at any time. Cancelled monthly subscriptions will end the following billing cycle. Please see additional terms and conditions in the Circle files within the community.