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Get the Resources You Need to Finally Feel Less Stress, Less Overwhelm & Begin the Journey to Feeling Your Best

My life changed forever when my 20-year career in financial services ended. As a typical people pleaser, I was turned outward—taking care of everyone else, being a parent and wife all while building my financial career—but totally neglecting myself. 

Getting diagnosed with a rare, incurable stress-related illness called Hemiplegic Migraine wasn’t part of the plan. When the doctors told me that there were no treatment options available to me, I vowed to take care of myself and give my body the attention it was yearning for each and every day.

Not long after my commitment to listening to my body, I discovered how to heal myself and create a work/life balance that really works! 

I started living intentionally by listening to my emotional insights, logic and innate wisdom to turn down the volume on the pain.  What’s amazing is that in using those same insights my whole life started to transform. 

I now have the opportunity to share what I learned about the simple ways we can heal our lives through mental and emotional fitness with anyone who is willing to listen. 

As my practice grew, I felt called to form a community and help women throughout the world manifest the life of their dreams. That’s why I created the Becoming Aware™ Inner Circle. I want you to have a home base where you can receive clear guidance, inspiration, hope and connection. A place where you are invited to practice and be held accountable for the changes in your life which lead to effortless transformation. A place to dream of a better life and a step-by-step framework to make those dreams a reality.

There is something magical about giving yourself space and time to pause, to retreat and relax.  As a former stressed out people pleaser, I couldn’t imagine adding one more thing to my to-do list. What I learned is that focusing on the one thing that would make my life easier was the key to unlocking so much more space in my life, easing tensions, reducing conflict and expanding my awareness of what is possible. Let me show you the way!


You were meant for so much more than a life of struggle, resentment and pain!  You are already naturally creative, resourceful and whole ~ you do not require fixing. You are a meticulously imagined being without an owners manual; you do not have to figure things out on your own! You are already worthy of great things in your life, if you believe in yourself and place your attention there.  You have unique gifts and strengths that only YOU possess.  It is your birthright to embrace what you have been given and make a difference.

The challenge of accepting your gifts is that often you are too stressed out and overwhelmed by life that you don’t have the clarity or wisdom to recognize the answers you seek. In reality, the answers are all around you, if only you could just slow down long enough to grasp them.

Sometimes the information is so persistent that part of your overwhelm is caused by the mere presence of so much information; you don’t know how to make sense of it all. Sometimes feelings/nudges or strong intuitive “hits” make their way into your waking consciousness but you keep ignoring or aren’t sure how to interpret the information, to make good use of it. Other times your busy life prevents this valuable wisdom from being accessed and it instead tries to reach you through vivid or repetitive dreams.

If you feel like your subconscious is trying to tell you something that you just don’t understand, I can help!  

I have been there and have successfully guided hundreds of people to discover their innate gifts as well as learn how to access and interpret the information effectively to move forward on the journey of Becoming Aware®!

Join our community, get the support you need to truly care for yourself, and feel the release of dis-ease and stress you have been holding as you learn what your body, mind and soul are wanting you to know!

Here’s how the Becoming Aware® Inner Circle can change your life…

The Becoming Aware® Inner Circle is for any stressed out people pleaser woman who wants regular guidance, motivation, inspiration, and support to pursue a happier, more fulfilling life as you embrace learning the powerful language of YOU and learn to deeply trust yourself. 


As a member, you’ll receive coaching and mentoring from Teresa on an ongoing basis inside the group, as well as regular resources and tools to support every aspect of your life. You’ll get support to connect to emotional insights, gain confidence, release fear, attract abundance, and so much more! 

  • This amazing private community is a safe place to share with others, get support and stay encouraged.  It will soon be available in my own app ‘Becoming Aware’ because I know the challenge other social media community platforms can present to someone over stressed and over whelmed by information and FOMO.

The Becoming Aware app is free and so is the community. There is no obligation for you to purchase Inner Circle unless you see the value of doing so. Here are some of the things Inner Circle members receive:

  • Guidance on your specific questions
  • Coaching around challenging mindsets that are preventing you from living your best life
  • Strategies for relieving stress and overwhelm
  • Workshops and videos to help you understand what is happening in your brain and body so you can make sense of it all
  • Understand the science behind your intuition and how stress affects more than just your health and relationships
  • You’ll also gain an all-access pass to all resources and training around various healing modalities, cutting edge techniques and proven strategies to support your growth and healing

My goal is to empower you to reignite your passion for living.

You’re never on your own. And the moment you join, you become part of a supportive community of people who share your values and will help you stay on track.

If you want to live your best life, I highly suggest joining this group. Everything you want is right at your fingertips. 

Still not sure?

I’d be happy to answer any questions you still have!  Please contact me below or on the Owwll app and let me know what’s on your mind.  I’d love to help!