Integrative Teens Leadership Coaching & Workshop



With so many outside pressures and social media influences it is easy for teenagers to lose themselves and think they are not good enough, not worthy enough, not capable enough.

Becoming Aware Integrative Teens aims to empower teenagers of every gender with tools and techniques to help them reduce anxiety and stress while creating healthy, supportive relationships with themselves and others. In addition, a large focus is on developing leadership and effective communication skills to serve them in life.  

Integrative Teens coaching allows your teenager to take time to reflect on their unique qualities, who they aspire to be, as well as the person they are today.

Integrative Teens workshop allows teens the opportunity to discuss barriers that keep them from being their best selves, while they break down those barriers and plot a course to accomplish their life goals.  Teens will have the option to add a comprehensive PQ program to help create a sense of calm and clarity especially during difficult and stressful times (teens will learn a few PQ techniques in the course and workshop, but if you feel your teenager could benefit from learning a comprehensive offering, please contact me directly).

Integrative Teens is appropriate for all genders and is perfect for anyone who is feeling intimidated, awkward, anxious or insecure about their life and relationships or would like a head start on integrative leadership skills that will be the foundation for a lifetime of fulillment and success.


Becoming Aware® Integrative Teens is designed for teenagers to elevate their innate wisdom, gain confidence, learn healthy boundaries and communication tools, while guiding them to create healthy relationships with others as well as their own body.  By learning the neuroscience behind how their brain works combined with the wisdom of psychology, teens learn effective social skills such as: conscious listening, compassion, healthy disagreement, empathy, grace, as well as how to access their innate wisdom, confidence and clarity, reduce anxiety and overactive thinking, while setting healthy expectations for their lives. 

Elder Circle is designed for teenagers to hear from resilient, successful and strong Everyday SHeroes who have journeyed before them.  Too often our teenagers seek out role models found in magazines, through social media, on television and in the movies.  The allure of fame and fortune can create unrealistic expectations and create lives that are fraught with feelings of dissatisfaction, unhappiness and unworthiness as they chase after mirages that do not provide the backdrop and foundation for creating a happy, resilient and successful life. 

Elder Circle is a place where young people can listen to everyday role models who offer sage advice to satisfy the hunger that our younger generation has about the world and how to navigate it effectively.  

Prerequistite: Integrative Teens course

Integrative Teens Workshops

In Integrative Teens workshops, teenagers not only learn key tools from the Integrative Teens course content but will also take time to focus on what drives them to journey confidently, visualize their shining future moments as they create a vision board to inspire their actions along the way.  Both the course and accompanying workshop provides the teenager you know and love mindfulness and other tools to help with self-induced anxiety while reducing overall stress levels.

Hopefully she shared with you how she mentally managed the entire month to be in her best place to set up (for success) instead of sabotaging her success.
What she did is something most adults are not capable of from the schedules she had to manage between training, the puppy, and her schoolwork, plus her own anxiety around it all – she managed ALL of it and did such a great job! I was weeping knowing what kind of mountain she climbed to put it all together.
We both attribute this success to your support! Thanks for working with her.
Heather H.

Sierra Foothills, California

Oh my gosh! I’ve been so surprised at how much I’ve been learning by working with you! What’s really cool is that I feel like I’m talking to an older, much wiser version of myself!

Thank you!


Northern California