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For over 20 years I led teams and managed millions of dollars in client portfolios. With a background in financial services with graduate level psychology and neuroscience training, I support leaders and entrepreneurs in becoming their best selves.  My clients are looking to become more aware in order to improve connection with themselves and others. Whether this is learning tools and techniques to develop or shift the culture in the workplace, improve communication with their teams (or personal relationships) or stay calm in stressful situations, I help develop the skills needed to access whole brain thinking so you become an integrative leader.

It can be lonely as a leader – even more so as an entrepreneur.  This community allows access to incredible resources and a non-judgemental space to support your development as a leader, as you make important connections that will serve you over the years.

I created the Becoming Aware® Leadership Circle as a place where leaders across industries can meet, share and be supported in creating teams that get better results with less effort. Circle is a place to receive support, coaching, connection and community. Leadership Circle is where your contributions are shared in a collaborative environment and you benefit from the collective knowledge of the whole group.  Because leaders come from mutliple industries, you receive fresh ideas and novel approaches to put to use in your field allowing you to soar!  In addition, there is something magical about giving yourself space and time to pause, to re-evaluate and discover new ways to develop successful teams and thriving organizations. 

So much experience lends well to sharing knowledge about the simply ways you can become integrated by embracing mental and emotional fitness.

Here’s how the Becoming Aware® Leadership Circle can change your work life…

The Becoming Aware® Leadership Circle is for any leader who wants regular guidance, motivation, inspiration and support to pursue a more fulfilling and successful professional life. 


As a member, you’ll receive coaching and mentoring from Teresa on an ongoing basis inside the group, as well as regular resources and tools to support every aspect of your professinal life. You’ll get support to connect to ways to inspire and motivate your team, create connection and lasting client relationships, gain confidence as a leader, create collaborative, integrated teams and so much more! 

  • Monthly group coaching and facilitation calls to discuss challeges you are experiencing as a leader as well as to contribute your wisdom.
  • Receive guidance on your specific questions as well as learn from others who may be experiencing a challenge simliar to yours. 
  • Discover simple ways to de-stress and recenter so that you can effectively move from communication to connection.
  • You’ll gain an all-access pass to all resources and training around various cutting edge techniques and proven strategies to support your development as an integrated leader.

My goal is to empower you, challenge you and reignite your passion for leading people.

You’re never on your own. And the moment you join, you become part of a supportive community of people who share your values and will help you stay on track.

If you want to live your best professional life, I highly suggest joining this group. Everything you want is right at your fingertips. 

More information about the benefits of joining Leadership Circle: 


I heard from a leader the other day who wanted to do something to counteract the many challenges she is facing right now: how to keep everything on track, keep a positive attitude, keep her team aligned, flexible and inspired as she navigates the current business landscape.

She said she feels like she is constantly in reaction mode “FIRE! AIM! READY!” instead of the other way around. 

She is interested in joining my Becoming Aware® Leadership Circle but was worried that she doesn’t have the bandwidth right now.  “I can’t imagine fitting more in these days.”

I hear you.

Right now, you are juggling so much and with the shifting landscape at work can make you feel even more stressed out, anxious and overworked. It is hard to picture adding even one more commitment to an already full load.

But here’s the thing:

Knowing how to reset your nervous system can feel like

adding time to your day.

Ever notice how you get so much more done when you are relaxed? How you can remain flexible with a growth mindset when your body isn’t in full contraction mode?  How much better your sleep becomes, how much clearer your mind analyzes data and processes solutions? 

Your body isn’t meant to exist in a high stress response for long periods of time.

When you tend to your body and your mind with short practices each day, you become less stressed, more present and focused. You are able to lead with insight and agility, so your team gets better results with less effort.

In Leadership Circle you will learn strategies, tools, and practices developed with busy leaders in mind. You will learn ways to replenish your nervous system, create more calm in 15 minutes a day so you feel like you can inspire and motivate your team to create solutions for navigating the new business frontier. By carving out this time, you actually create more time, energy and clarity for yourself and your team.

Join me and other leaders in creating space for what you need each day to get better results with less effort today!

Still not sure?

I’d be happy to answer any questions you still have!  Please contact me below or on the Owwll app and let me know what’s on your mind.  I’d love to help!