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Leadership Circle


I heard from a leader the other day who wanted to do something to counteract the many challenges she is facing right now: how to keep everything on track, keep a positive attitude, keep her team aligned, flexible and inspired as she navigates the current business landscape.

She said she feels like she is constantly in reaction mode “FIRE! AIM! READY!” instead of the other way around. 

She is interested in joining my Becoming Aware Leadership Circle but was worried that she doesn’t have the bandwidth right now.  “I can’t imagine fitting more in these days.”

I hear you.

Right now, you are juggling so much and with the shifting landscape at work can make you feel even more stressed out, anxious and overworked. It is hard to picture adding even one more commitment to an already full load.

But here’s the thing:

Knowing how to reset your nervous system can feel like adding an hour to your day.

Ever notice how you get so much more done when you are relaxed? How you can remain flexible with a growth mindset when your body isn’t in full contraction mode?  How much better your sleep becomes, how much clearer your mind analyzes data and processes solutions? 

Your body isn’t meant to stay in flight or fight response for long periods of time.

When you tend to your body and your mind with short practices each day, you become less stressed, more present and focused. You are able to lead with insight and agility, so your team gets better results with less effort.

In Leadership Circle you will learn strategies, tools, and practices developed with busy leaders in mind. You will learn ways to replenish your nervous system, create more calm in 15 minutes a day so you feel like you can inspire and motivate your team to create solutions for navigating the new business frontier. By carving out this time, you actually create more time, energy and clarity for yourself and your team.

Normally I charge leaders $999 to play in Leadership Circle and every single one of them have said it was well worth the money.  Right now, it is more important than ever to have a safe place where leaders can play and connect across industries, so I have decided to offer it at no charge for the time being.

Doors close for the next session on Tuesday 9/29.  We begin the next 8 week circle in October.

Join me and other leaders in creating space for what you need each day to get better results with less effort and more calm today!

Teresa has an amazing ability to see the best in me and hold that vision, keeping it alive while holding me accountable to it.  Her sales strategy helped create a structure for my business, and her 1:1 coaching helped me to identify areas where I was sabotaging my efforts to succeed.  I have been in sales for over 10 years, punishing myself  and my relationships in my effort to make club but never attaining it.  With Teresa’s coaching I made Presidents Club for the first time ever and am on track to do so again this year!  If you are considering her as your coach, stop now and hire her!  She is AMAZING and you will not regret it!

Kathleen S., New York, NY

Territory Manager, Software Sales

We are so grateful for everything you have done for our team Teresa!

Dylan Johnston

Assistant Director, Seeds4Recovery

Teresa is an amazing coach. Her intuition, love for me as her client, and honesty makes every coaching session a transformative experience. She not only helps me look at my topic from different perspectives but she also helps me get to the root causes and see my true feelings. Her wisdom and straight talk are a great combination for powerful self discoveries.

S.M.M., Oakland, CA

Organizational Development Consultant