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An outdoor excursion might just be the smartest business decision leaders can make. Top organizations recognize that they have the power to kickstart performance when they value the whole person and meet the critical needs of their teams.

A leadership retreat represents an opportunity for leaders and teams to get away from day-to-day operations. It provides an opportunity to strengthen and develop their leaders and teams, examine the bigger picture from a broader perspective, while creating plans and strategies for success in the future.

Some companies might use retreats to incentivize or reward employees. For others, it might be a vital part of building company culture or repairing workplace morale after a restructure.

Becoming Aware® creates and facilitates custom-designed Leadership, Management & Team Building Retreats.

Neuroscience Fundamentals to educate and inspire your team

As a licensed trainer for Neuroscience fundamentals, allow me to facilitate engaging and informative workshops on cutting edge information in Neuroscience and Relational Trauma. Some topics I can speak to:

* How Stress Impacts Your Executive Functioning

* The Seven Levels of Effectiveness

* Toxic Workplace and Personal Spaces – How Understanding Relational Trauma is a Game Changer

* Why You Can’t Create and Edit at the Same Time

* The Key to Unlocking Whole Brain Thinking

* Neuroplasticity – How to Lock in the Good and Release What is Not Wanted

* Unlocking Insight According to Science

* … and so much more!

A leadership retreat can lead to better communication, creative new strategies, and renewed motivation and enthusiasm.  These leadership retreat ideas offer productive, fun ways for your mid-level to C-suite leaders to bond, get work done and gain better leadership skills.

Look at the results we have helped leaders achieve:

  • boost overall performance by over 31%
  • increase sales by over 37%
  • has been shown to TRIPLE creativity levels

Workshops & Leadership Retreats Empower You To…

  • achieve inner balance and greater emotional wellness
  • give leaders a greater sense of clarity
  • help them identify purposeful action steps
  • increase focus and productivity
  • boost their quality of work
  • improve mental and emotional fitness 
  • stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills
  • encourage clearer communication
  • foster deeper trust in themselves and others
  • increased level of respect and understanding

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I Also Offer Talks for Your Next Company or Team Meeting

Take your team to the next level with a customized talk to educate and inspire! Your team will learn how to leverage their inner gifts and strengths so they begin getting better results with less effort.  Talks can be delivered in-person or virtually.

I have been in sales for over 5 years, punishing myself  and my relationships in my effort to make club but never attaining it.  With Teresa’s coaching I made Presidents Club for the first time ever and am on track to do so again this year!  If you are considering her as your coach, stop now and hire her!  She is AMAZING and you will not regret it!

Kathleen S.

Tri State Area Territory Manager

Thank you for everything you have done for our team Teresa!

Dylan Johnston

Assistant Director, Addiction Recovery Program

Teresa brings to her coaching a fantastic blend of experience, intuition and heart. Teresa is fearless in her coaching and will walk with you on a journey of healing, discovery and growth. I was fortunate to train with her, learn form her and always look for opportunities to collaborate with her!

Lynne Penke Valdes

Organizational Effectiveness and Strategic Change, Hannepin County Center of Innovation and Excellence

Teresa is a skilled facilitator. Working with a small group was powerful and allowed for personal insights in an intimate setting.

Darlene DeRose

Director, Seeds4Recovery