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 Becoming Aware™ Leadership Circle supports you in dynamic virtual group settings to dramatically improve performance and productivity through group coaching and facilitation. Your business only grows as well as your team performs.  In Leadership Circle, we explore concepts like PQ (Positive Intelligence), EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Neuroscience, predictors of happiness and keys to creating high performance teams. Each of these advanced training techniques are research based and have been shown to:

boost overall performance by over 31%,

increase sales by over 37%

and have been shown to:

TRIPLE creativity levels

Becoming Aware coaching can guide you to boost leadership presence by measuring how well people perform relative to their potential. Research shows that Neuroscience combined with Positive Intelligence elevates your Emotional Intelligence allowing each to significantly increase with practice. Regular participation helps individuals respond to challenging situations with clarity, in touch with innate strengths and wisdom.  As a PQ Pioneer, I guide you in responding to challenging situations with clarity and calm as you realize a happier and more balanced mind. Join Becoming Aware™ Leadership Circle to take your team to the next level and beyond.

Leadership Excursions & Retreats allow you to bring your leadership team out of the office and into the elements to utilize what they have learned to interact with the natural world through hiking and four-legged friend experiences.  Interplay with the world in this novel way can bring new awareness to how innate gifts and wisdom can be embraced to create a positive impact on your leaders and workforce.

To integrate these tools as a leader, impact and enlighten your team, as well as achieve goals for your organization experience a workshop and leadership event today!  To learn of upcoming available dates for your Becoming Aware™ Leadership Excursion or Retreat contact me at teresa@teresalodato.com or schedule a time to speak with me at your convenience below:


Teresa has an amazing ability to see the best in me and hold that vision, keeping it alive while holding me accountable to it.  Her sales strategy helped create a structure for my business, and her 1:1 coaching helped me to identify areas where I was sabotaging my efforts to succeed.  I have been in sales for over 5 years, punishing myself  and my relationships in my effort to make club but never attaining it.  With Teresa’s coaching I made Presidents Club for the first time ever and am on track to do so again this year!  If you are considering her as your coach, stop now and hire her!  She is AMAZING and you will not regret it!

Kathleen S., Tri State Area

Territory Manager

We are so grateful for everything you have done for our team Teresa!

Dylan Johnston

Assistant Director, Seeds4Recovery

Teresa is an amazing coach. Her intuition, love for me as her client, and honesty makes every coaching session a transformative experience. She not only helps me look at my topic from different perspectives but she also helps me get to the root causes and see my true feelings. Her wisdom and straight talk are a great combination for powerful self discoveries.

S.M.M., Oakland, CA

Organizational Development Consultant

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