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Teresa Lodato, CPCC

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My Story

I am passionate about being a Conscious Leadership & Relationship Coach! Ever since I was a little girl, I knew in my heart that I came to this life with a purpose, a reason bigger than me and so my quest began many years ago.  Along the way I made unconscious choices, selected paths and people that were not aligned with my best self and felt the pain and suffering it caused.  I also experienced what it is like to trust and align with the longing in my heart. By making conscious choices, selecting paths and people who are aligned with my best self, I feel the joy and bliss of all the possibilities in my life.  There is no one way to reach your goals in life, no one path is superior or inferior to another.  As your guide, I am at your side providing you tools and techniques to gain clarity and wisdom from your learnings, allowing you to consciously choose your journey.  With so many possibilities available to you, which one will you choose to explore in your one, precious life?