Ready to Commit to Learning?

You are amazingly strong and courageous for committing to learning, consciously choosing to examine roadblocks that may be holding you back in your life.  I cannot wait to see how life unfolds for you as we work together (online course).  Like a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly, you have taken the step to realizing your true, authentic self!

Why Aren’t You Listening to Me?

8 week companion online course

You will receive weekly emails, assignments,

inspiration and information.  You will also

receive exclusive access to a private FB

group where you can continue to receive

support and inspiration from me and

other learners.

Choose this option if you would like to:

Learn and apply in your life

on your own schedule.

Why Aren’t You Listening to Me?

16 week companion online course


Eight (8) 50 minute coaching sessions

(via phone or zoom)

Choose this option if you feel stuck, are

considering a transition,

or would like one to one coaching

for a short duration at special package

pricing. Includes exclusive access to

private FB group.