Has Covid fatigue and work from home challenges left you feeling like you and your partner could use a vacation? Is your personal or professional relationship feeling more like you are aboard the Titanic and you are not sure whether you will sink or swim?  If you are wanting to do more than survive in your relationship, invest in yourselves and realize the incredible benefit of taking a Relationship Roadtrip™! 

I have helped thousands of people improve their relationship with themselves and others with Becoming Aware™ coaching and courses. I have a wealth of knowledge and have done considerable research, coaching and training so I can support your journey to a healthier, more sustainable and connected relationship where you feel safe, appreciated and understood by your partner. I have worked with countless individuals elevating their self-awareness while they get incredible clarity, embrace strengths and heightened communications skills to realize the relationship of their dreams.

Relationship Roadtrip™ is a personalized plan for you and your life or business partner to identify your goals, values and communication styles, so you are empowered to overcome obstacles that are sabotaging the best interests of your relationship.  In addition to your customized road map, you will also receive the support of a highly trained and certified professional to help you get clarity on what is truly important to you. That means you receive a roadmap you can refer to over and over through your relationship journey as well as the support of a trained professional to launch your journey to realizing relationship success. You will learn how to better communicate with your partner, identify your Saboteurs and tap into your Sage instead, create lasting connection, inspire each of you to value and appreciate one another for the incredible partner that you are (and if you do not think you or your partner are all that wonderful, you will get support around that too!), as well as coaching to guide your efforts to transform your relationship into one you will never want to leave. An added benefit to Relationship Roadtrip is uncovering what may be holding you back in your professional life as well!