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Flash Briefings – Coming Soon!


For future inspiration, follow my flash briefings on your Amazon Echo and Dot in the Alexa Skills Store. Once you have installed Everyday SHero, you need only say “Alexa, play my flash briefing” to get the latest insights and thought provoking messages to further inspire and engage your imagination, as well as practices to heighten your connection to yourself and others. 





The seven part podcast series below, brings listeners interviews with thought leaders and entrepreneurs who are creating business models aligned with their inner SHero, as well as information to illuminate your own personal SHero journey. 


Everyday SHero reveals the superpowers available to you in life by deepening the connection to yourself and others.  SHeroes are any individual who answers the call of a purpose-driven and consciously chosen path and desires to share the wisdom gained with their community at large.

A SHero draws upon innate wisdom to amplify their engagement, performance and success in business and their personal life by utilizing qualities of the feminine:

connection, community & relationship   


The podcast below:  

Identifies common challenges we face as Everyday SHeroes 

Provides practices to keep us aligned and purposeful 

Engages the listener’s imagination

Provides inspiration for the listener’s journey

Everyday SHero Episode 0

by Teresa Lodato


Everyday SHero Episode 1

by Teresa Lodato | Heather Anderson


Everyday SHero Episode 2

by Teresa Lodato | Sophie Jane Mortimer

Everyday SHero Episode 3

by Teresa Lodato | Dianne Wieler

Everyday SHero Episode 4

by Teresa Lodato | Larry Paskow

Everyday SHero Episode 5 (part 1 of 2)

by Teresa Lodato | Chameli Ardagh

Everyday SHero Episode 6 (part 2 of 2)

by Teresa Lodato | Chameli Ardagh