Are you valued, heard and seen in your 

personal and professional relationships?


Do you wish that you trusted your judgment and made

decisions effortlessly without second guessing yourself?


Are you ready to stop playing small and

embrace all that you are and all that you can be?


Are you looking to improve your communication skills

and lead more effectively?


Are you stressed out and frustrated that your life is not

aligned with your values?


Do you value relationship based sales

and increasing profits?


Is your personal life suffering due to stress in your

professional life (or vice versa)?


Do you want to cultivate and retain exceptional talent?


Do you desire an elite coach who is grounded in

scientific evidence as well as fluent in cutting edge techniques?


Are you willing to cultivate an observer mindset to

invite awareness into your life to create opportunities

for lasting change?


As a former stressed out private banking and investment executive  

of a top Fortune 500 firm and lifelong intuitive who

suppressed my gifts to conform to society,

I now guide individuals and teams to fully align with their authentic self,

embrace their inner knowing in order to create

precise and expedient breakthroughs,

 driving bold choices which inspire lasting change in their

personal and professional lives.


(Effective communication, healthy relationships

and increased self awareness are lynchpins of my coaching.)



Are YOU ready to achieve ultimate

satisfaction and next level success?




Leadership & Team


Circle &

Inner Circle

I was in a big transitional period of my life when I reached out to Teresa. I lost my husband of 20 years after a long battle with cancer. I was exhausted, feeling overwhelmed and unable to make decisions on my own. As a result of my coaching with Teresa, I re-ignited the passions in my life and took action. I now trust my inner knowing and wisdom. I am able to set goals which challenge me and draw strength and power from within, tapping into innate wisdom and gifts I didn’t know I had in me.

For anyone thinking about working with Teresa and wondering what they may gain from the experience I would say that the sky’s the limit. Make an investment in yourself and be rewarded by working with a true mentor and coach who will help you overcome any challenge and learn for yourself the answers you seek.

Jan Ballerini, Sarasota FL

Teresa is an outstanding coach. Her understanding of human relationships, coupled with her generous heart and sharp intuition, makes her a powerhouse in creating personal transformation. Through the work we did together, she helped me uncover and discard fears and insecurities I had about myself and see the possibilities I was longing for. With her insight and guidance, I was able to come to a point where I knew – viscerally – that the relationship I was in wasn’t right for me, and through her coaching I made the tough decision to end it and move on. Teresa was a champion for me throughout the process and saw what I had a hard time seeing and admitting to myself.

I feel like a weight has been lifted and my future is brighter than ever. Having worked with other coaches before, I understand and recognize excellent coaching. I recommend Teresa without reservation.

H.G., San Francisco Bay Area CA

Becoming Aware™ Clients

Are men and women who have experienced success in the past but feel hampered in their personal or professional relationships. They may be considering a change or are going through a transition now and feel unsure about the next step. They generally have approached life through hard work, dedication, loyalty and experienced success but may be suffering on the inside due to confusion, overwork and chronic stress, not fully trusting themsleves and the choices they make in their personal or professional lives.  Becoming Aware™ clients perpetually give to others but may lack the eloquence to set healthy boundaries that level up their success, make bold choices that require them to lean in and be big, two skills that lead to true happiness and fulfillment.  

Becoming Aware™ clients often struggle in relationships due to break downs in communication and giving too much of themselves; are usually chronic over thinkers who want to do the right thing and will set aside their own happiness for the sake of everyone else.  They are good people at heart but lack healthy boundaries and effective ways of commnunicating, so are stressed out because of it.  

Becoming Aware™ clients feel a calling to do something more with their lives than just to attain more wealth and possessions.  They are often highly skilled and are very successful but have focused much of their lives on what they are “supposed” to be doing rather than finding balance with what their heart desires.   Becoming Aware™ clients are smart, strong and successful but feel unworthy of their success, feel like they are a fraud or do not trust their own judgement in matters closest to their heart.

Becoming Aware™ clients know deep down there is more to life and are searching for a way to mitigate stress, have better relationships and take charge in an empowered way.  They dare to be different and are looking for someone to show them how to live authentically aligned with what matters to them most without giving up everything they have worked so hard to achieve. They still want results but want to get them with less effort and more happiness.  

I am professionally affiliated and certified with:

Professional Organization Coaching

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