As an author and former financial services executive who successfully overcame a chronic stress related illness, I empower my clients using cutting edge techniques to reduce stress and elevate relationships while creating greater resilience, balance and success especially in challenging times.  

Teresa Lodato, CPCC




Conscious Leadership and Relationship Coach

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” 

-George Bernard Shaw- 

 Do you struggle with people listening to you and paying attention to your ideas and expertise? 


Do the difficult people in your life or on your work team sabotage your efforts at prosperity and success?


Do you feel frustrated, questioning your career choice and where you are headed in the future? 


Are you experiencing health challenges due to increased stress and pressure at work or perhaps even at home? 


Do conflicting viewpoints & communication challenges threaten to drown your relationships?


Does it feel impossible to achieve your goals for your career, your relationships, and your life?


I get it.


I too experienced challenges in my professional and personal life.  

I overcame adversity in my corporate position and made my voice heard. 

I battled through debilitating health challenges and uncovered healing through a renewed mind-body connection.   

I improved relationships by increasing self-awareness and up-leveling communication skills. 

I want all this success for you too.

Schedule a complimentary session to experience conscious leadership & relationship coaching with me and experience the energizing benefits of clarity and empowerment right away!

"I was in a big transitional period of my life when I reached out to Teresa for coaching. I lost my husband of 20 years after a year’s battle with cancer. I was exhausted, feeling overwhelmed and unable to make decisions on my own. I also felt pulled in many directions by my family. My challenge was to uncover what I really wanted for myself moving forward and help moving out of the fear that was holding me back. 

Teresa helped me make the transition into thinking more deeply about who I am and the role I played in my family as well as what areas of my life I wanted to work on. She challenged me to develop new ways of thinking about myself and identifying my true core. I wanted to get back to the independent adventurous soul I had been in my 20s and 30s.

During our coaching I learned valuable tools from Teresa to assist me in my new normal and a new way of thinking about how to stay strong, empowered and take charge. I identified that I wanted to allow myself to travel and create an independent, financially sound life for myself. After the sessions, I fulfilled my desire to travel again. In the spring of 2019 I took my niece on a trip to Portugal. In the summer, I traveled to Costa Rica and attended an International Living conference to explore ways I could live overseas. I traveled to Mexico where I attended a Spanish language school to refresh my Spanish language skills.

As a result of my coaching with Teresa, I re-ignited the passions in my life and took action. I now trust my inner knowing and wisdom. I am able to set goals which challenge me and draw strength and power from strengths and talents. For anyone thinking about working with Teresa and wondering what they may gain from the experience I would say that the sky's the limit.

Make an investment in yourself and be rewarded by working with a true mentor and coach who will help you overcome any challenge and learn for yourself the answers you seek."

Jan B., Sarasota, FL

Who is the best person to turn to when you need support?


Status: Dependent  

Orientation: Future  

 Nature: Advising 

Goal: Assessing problems & providing solutions 




 Status: Dependent

 Orientation: Past

Nature: Reflective

Goal: Mental/emotional recovery



Status: Independent 

Orientation: Present  

Nature: Guide 

Goal: Increased awareness & empowered choice

Why Becoming Aware™ Coaching?

The Harvard Business Review recently included an article about the “7 Leadership Lessons Men Can Learn from Women” which details (among other things) the importance of self awareness, empathy and social skills.  It is even more critical in our current global environment that as leaders and individuals we step up and take responsibility for ourselves.  Increasing your ability to become self aware is one of the most important skills you can learn to become more resilient, balanced and successful!

As an awareness coach, I focus on your well being, not just your job, title or financial status.

Many times the challenges you experience in the workplace spill over to your personal life and vice versa.  Although you may seek assistance from me with a particular challenge, my holistic approach touches upon all interconnected areas in your life where you need clarity and support.  This is the beauty of conscious leadership and relationship coaching. You will thrive when you feel supported. Your team will thrive when they feel supported as well.


Skills I use in every session include:

intuitive listening to hear beyond the words spoken out loud

powerful questions that uncover the heart of the matter

compassionate empathy to give you the space to explore and grow


In being present to you and your challenges, I will guide you to master your own presence in your relationships, personal and professional.  As a conscious leadership and relationship coach, I also integrate a method I developed to increase self-awareness in my clients called CHAT (Conscious Heart Awareness Technique).   

In conscious coaching, I balance techniques of introspection and action to bring out the best in you and to support your growth into the best version of yourself. 

Take the time to value yourself and your gifts, then you are free to operate from a space of strength and empowerment.


My clients receive full access to all of the tools in my toolbox.  In sessions I have been known to mix traditional and non-traditional modalities to increase self-awareness and deepen connection in relationships, as well as combine scientific and intuitive methods to enhance communication, increase performance and amplify success including:  

* Neuroscience of Coaching

 * 360 review and personal feedback report 

* Mindset Evaluation 

* Eco Therapy, including Animal Assisted Therapy

* Personality Archetypes

* Alison Armstrong: Understanding Men/Women 

* Love Languages 

* Family Dynamic Theory

* Projective Dreamwork

* Advanced Master Level Karuna Reiki

* Body Talk & EFT


(Note: not every tool will be used for every client.  Rather I draw upon my skills and tools available to support my clients in whatever way is appropriate and beneficial to their individual needs.)


Experience the incredible feeling of empowering clarity from an accomplished professional who listens to your challenges, considers all your aspects and experiences, and guides you to show up as the best version of yourself in every area of your life.


  “Teresa is an outstanding coach. Her understanding of human relationships, coupled with her generous heart and sharp intuition, makes her a powerhouse in creating personal transformation. Through the work we did together, she helped me uncover and discard fears and insecurities I had about myself and see the possibilities I was longing for. With her insight and guidance, I was able to come to a point where I knew – viscerally – that the relationship I was in wasn’t right for me, and through her coaching I made the tough decision to end it and move on. Teresa was a champion for me throughout the process and saw what I had a hard time seeing and admitting to myself. I feel like a weight has been lifted and my future is brighter than ever. Having worked with other coaches before, I understand and recognize excellent coaching.

I recommend Teresa without reservation.  

H.G., San Francisco Bay Area, CA

I am professionally affiliated and certified with:

Career & Resilience Coaching

Leadership & Resilience Coaching

ICF Certified Coach

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