“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

-George Bernard Shaw-

Teresa Lodato, CPCC

Conscious Leadership & Relationship Coach


What would it be like for you to be seen , heard and understood by those around you?  

How would your life and experiences change if the core of who you are is celebrated?

I believe that every person is continually evolving.  

Those who do not embrace the changes and opportunities life brings, 

are destined to repeat failures until the lesson is at last learned.  

As a Co-Active coach, my focus is on your whole being, not just your job/title, executive & relationship or financial status. Many times challenges experienced in the workplace spill over to your personal life and vice versa.  Although you may be seeking assistance with a particular challenge, my holistic approach will touch upon any area in your life that impacts the reason you are seeking support.   

Co-Active coaching is a framework for you to experience possibilities as you explore your boundaries, reveal blind spots, and increase awareness of your impact on the relationships around you.  My coaching is founded on empathy, compassion and respect.  

Skills I use in every session include: deep listening, ability to perceive between the lines of what is spoken, clear and concise questions that go directly to the heart of the matter and allow space for exploration and growth.  One of the hallmarks of Co-Active coaching is focusing on the whole person: seeing the best in you and supporting you to become the very best version of yourself through a balance of introspection and action. 

In addition to many tools utilized in Co-Active coaching, I also integrate a method I developed to empower my clients with tools and resources to increase self-awareness and shorten the learning curve in life called CHAT (Conscious Heart Awareness Technique).  I integrate CHAT with Co-Active coaching to bring awareness to blind spots that prevent clients from living their best lives and further empower clients to have tools to achieve success.  Additionally, I draw upon other tools to help my clients become the very best versions of themselves.  

For my professional clients, I utilize a mix of modalities that strengthen engagement, increase performance and realize success:  

* Neuroscience of Coaching

 * 360 review and personal feedback report 

* Clifton Strength Assessment 

* GROW Model

* Mindset Evaluation 

* Eco Therapy

For my personal clients, I utilize a mix of modalities that elevate self-awareness, strengthen communication skills, deepen connection in relationships.  Some of the tools utilized are:

* Neuroscience of Coaching

* Personality Archetypes

* Alison Armstrong Understanding Men/Women 

* Love Languages 

* Mindset Evaluation

* Family Dynamic Theory

* EcoTherapy 

(Note: not every tool will be used for every client.  Rather I draw upon my skills and tools available to support my clients in whatever way is appropriate and beneficial to their individual needs.)

Experience what it is like to be supported by

an experienced professional who recognizes all aspects of who you are,

and is able to hold space and empower you

to bring the very best version of yourself to all aspects of your life.

Are you wondering whether coaching might be right for you?  

If you answer YES to any of the following, you may benefit from coaching:

Do you struggle with people listening to you and doing what you tell them to do? 

Do you have difficult people in your life or on the team you just inherited and is their inaction getting in the way of experiencing success for your team? 

Do you feel frustrated, questioning whether you want to be working or what your future holds for you? 

Are you experiencing health challenges due to increased stress and pressure at work or perhaps even at home? 

Are your relationships in general easy going and smooth without conflicting viewpoints?

Does it require a great deal of effort for you to achieve your desired results in all areas of your life?

If any these questions resonate and you are willing to explore how to go about righting the ship of your life and charting a smoother course to get to your destination, then schedule a complimentary session to experience coaching with me.

Feeling appreciated and engaged in work is the key to retaining good employees according to a new survey by the Society of Human Resource Management, and research conducted by the US Department of Labor states 64% of Americans who leave their jobs do so because they don’t feel appreciated and I would add, understood.

In your personal relationships, it is equally if not MORE important that each of you feel loved, appreciated and understood.

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