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Chris Winfield & Actress Jen Gottlieb highly recommend working with Teresa. 

“I just want to listen to your voice as it is melting away my stress!” 

Meaghan B. Murphy,

Editor in Chief of Women’s Day magazine

Teresa has been recognized as one of

the Top Co-Active Coaches by

Coach Foundation

You are successful in life but somehow deep down, you feel as though something is missing.

The work that once fulfilled you, is now feeling a bit empty and you are beginning to wonder if the 

career path you’ve invested in so heavily is still where you want to be.

Your relationships are changing. 

Maybe you are wondering how to create healthy bonds with people you love so you can 

authentically be yourself.

You want to make a change as you are craving more from life, but you wonder what to do or if you 

have what it takes to get it done. As you consider your big dreams an inner voice chimes in… 

You can’t do that! You have bills to pay, retirement to save for, kids to put through college! 

or worse, 

Who do you think you are? What makes you think you have what it takes to be a success in that?

Doubts and fears can keep you locked in relationships, careers, friendships and lifestyles that 

aren’t serving you. Deep down you know change is necessary, but the thought of leaving the 

familiar feels overwhelming and you are unsure what your next step should be.

If this sounds like you, know you are not alone. 

The pandemic forced many people to reevaluate personal values, relationships, work life 

and most of all purpose. Caitlin Duffi, Research Director in Gartner’s HR practice calls this the 

Great Reflection“.  

People everywhere are considering their purpose in life and careers as part 

of the larger human story.

What makes you happy and fulfilled?

Where have you given too much of yourself and have gotten too little in return?

What brings you the most joy?

It can feel daunting to consider such big questions like what is my purpose and how can I live

my life with joy, especially with the uncertainty in the economy and world right now.

Embracing uncertainty and being open to new opportunities is possible at any age.

Be practical but don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from living a life you love!

If you are curious how to know at the deepest levels within you, what your next step is and

how to get where you want to be, join other curious high achieving action takers who are now living

the lives of their dreams with more freedom and joy!

With innovative tools, a highly skilled guide and a little transformational magic, you can gain

the confidence to take the next step and begin living a life you love!

Image of Teresa Lodato

There is more than one way to navigate life’s challenges. Having the right tools can make it faster and easier. Through individual and group coaching, workshops and events, Becoming Aware Coaching uniquely combines tools from psychology and neuroscience to help you recognize the best path along your journey so you lead a purposeful and pain free life. 

Becoming Aware’s founder, Teresa Lodato, has helped thousands of stressed-out adults and teens move from burnt out and betrayal to calm and confident. She starts by helping you identify and reconnect with what is really important to you, then she guides you to discover and explore your unique gifts and strengths. This leads you to have a stronger sense of self-trust, which helps ease even the most challenging situations, building trust in relationships with the people you want in your life while letting go of the ones you don’t want.

If you are in a relationship or looking for co-parenting support, visit couples & co-parenting.  For teen specific coaching and offerings, visit integrative teens.

Innovative Ways of Becoming Aware®



As a professional certified coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Teresa is highly skilled in helping you develop your innate ability to reconnect and align all aspects of yourself so you begin living pain free with purpose and joy.

Additionally, she has advanced training and certifications in the following areas:

Co-Active Coaching (CPCC)

NeuroTransformational Coaching (CNTC)

Relational Trauma Coaching (CRTC)

Positive Intelligence Pioneer

BeAbove Leadership Licensed Trainer

Certified Group Facilitator & Trainer

Women’s Group Facilitator & Trainer

Negotiations and Relationship Building

DISC certified trainer

360 Review & Feedback

I have been in sales for over 5 years, punishing myself  and my relationships in my effort to make club but never attaining it.  With Teresa’s coaching I made Presidents Club for the first time ever and am on track to do so again this year!  If you are considering her as your coach, stop now and hire her!  She is AMAZING and you will not regret it!

Kathleen S.

Tri State Area Territory Manager

From a teen client:

Oh my gosh! I’ve been so surprised at how much I’ve been learning by working with you! What’s really cool is that I feel like I’m talking to an older, much wiser version of myself!

Thank you!


Northern California

Working with Teresa helped me become confident leading my new team.  She taught me a lot of tools to help me tap into what is inside of me so I can leverage it in all areas of my life.

I am SO GRATEFUL to you Teresa!

Olivia R.

Department Manager, San Francisco, California

We are so grateful for everything you have done for our team Teresa!

(Dylan’s team eases and empowers the transition from the intensive support of living in residential treatment centers to the limited support in recovery residences)

Dylan Johnston

Assistant Director, Addiction Recovery Program

Hopefully she (a teen client) shared with you how she mentally managed the entire month to be in her best place to set up (for success) instead of sabotaging her success.

What she did is something most adults are not capable of from the schedules she had to manage between training, the puppy, and her schoolwork, plus her own anxiety around it all – she managed ALL of it and did such a great job! I was weeping knowing what kind of mountain she climbed to put it all together.

We both attribute this success to your support! Thanks for working with her.

Heather H.

Sierra Foothills, California

I was in a big transitional period of my life when I reached out to Teresa. I lost my husband of 20 years after a long battle with cancer. I was exhausted, feeling overwhelmed and unable to make decisions on my own. As a result of my coaching with Teresa, I re-ignited the passions in my life and took action. I now trust my inner knowing and wisdom. I am able to set goals that challenge me and draw strength and power from within, tapping into innate wisdom and gifts I didn’t know I had in me.

Jan Ballerini

Sarasota FL

Photo courtesy of Alexander Krivitskiy


With a background in Psychology, advanced training in Neuroscience, as well as being a certified projective dreamwork facilitator,  Teresa’s understanding of the human mind, emotions and relationships allows her to guide you to places where others fear to go.

Her ability to provide rich feedback during dream working and coaching sessions allows adults and teens to gain fresh perspectives and uncover important information for their waking lives.  This is key to helping you develop a relationship with your body so you can begin living a life you love without guilt or worry.

Teresa has many tools to help you along your journey so you can mitigate the impact emotional pain and stress have on your life, as you discover your unique superpowers.

She guides you to get in touch with your innate gifts and strengths so you fully trust your choices in life.

If you have experienced relational trauma, are empathetic and are in need of working to neutralize your experiences and release their hold over you, working with Teresa will help you to fully align your mind, body and soul so you live a more calm and confident life.

Teresa is an incredible coach. I experienced deep shifts working with her that have stayed with me.

Julie F. Hedlund

Children’s Book Author

Teresa is not your average coach: she is intuitive, spiritual, insightful and educated. She has a nuturing presence and is able to gently guide you to unexpected places. Every session I have with her leads to deep insights and shifts in my life. She is everything you want in a coach and more. I highly recommend working with her!

Lisa P.

Washington D.C.

Teresa is a skilled facilitator. Working with a small group was powerful and allowed for personal insights in an intimate setting.

Darlene DeRose

Director, Seeds4Recovery

I reached out to Teresa to ask her if she would interpret a dream I’d had. I knew nothing about Teresa or what to expect and boy was I surprised! Teresa responded quickly with a lengthy & eerily accurate breakdown of various aspects of my dream. But more than that, Teresa was able to tell me about health issues I’m experiencing & recommended various treatments, which I just happen to be already undergoing! Teresa not only has the ability to interpret dreams but she also has the special gift of being able to intuit things she just shouldn’t know… Thanks Teresa!
Fiona followed up later to add:
Just to let you know, I haven’t dreamt about work since I read your interpretation which is awesome. And I was having disturbing dreams about work every night, so if you said or did anything to contribute to that, THANKS!

Fiona R.

New South Wales


Humans often forget that there is an energetic and spiritual component to life. A recent study conducted jointly by Columbia and Yale Universities states you are 75% more likely to rebound quickly from a traumatic event and not suffer depression (90% chance if you are at high risk), are 80% less likely to suffer from addiction, and there’s a 62% reduction in relative risk of suicide by being connected to your spiritual self.

If you are not getting the results you desire with traditional methods, there may be something deeper that is holding you back from living the life you love.

Teresa’s insights and gifts come through in all the work she does, but if you are looking for specific guidance and insight, an intuitive session might be just what you need to breakthrough and gain clarity around your health and well being or other areas in your life.

Teresa is the real deal. She has a true ability to connect with you, see situations, and guide in a way that is 100% authentic. Teresa translates what your soul feels and wants to say, but (what) so many of us can’t see clearly or say with confidence that is how we actually feel. She has always said something that deep down I already knew and her sessions help put it into actual words, perspective, and forward-thinking advice. I started seeing Teresa to gain insight on something negative in my life. I had already gone to every other type of person possible (traditional doctors, acupuncture, therapy, etc.) and was willing to try anything just to say that I had tried it. Teresa gave me additional insight and ways to address it and it actually made a difference – a real and very meaningful difference, and now I will never be at that same point ever again! Words can never truly say how grateful I am to Teresa and her gift for changing my life so dramatically!  If you’re considering going to Teresa, it’s well worth the money to find out for yourself. Thank you for having a positive impact on my life, Teresa!

Kate C.

San Ramon, CA

Teresa has been an amazing support to me over the past 2 years since I started seeing her as my coach. It’s been invaluable to have someone wise to talk to about sticky situations in my life, to help me gain perspective and therefore approach relationships with more of a sense of spaciousness. I have been going through quite an intense process with my creativity and path as a musician, and it’s very supportive to have Teresa to talk to during this process. 

Like me, Teresa is a real mix of being smart and savvy but also very sensitive and soulful. I have been on a journey over the past 12 years of reclaiming my ‘feminine’ side, the part of me that knows how to flow and surrender, and trust my intuition. Teresa knows these parts of herself deeply and I feel very supported in my continuing journey with this. I’ve really appreciated having someone who I can almost enter a ‘dream space’ with; to access the subtler realms of inner guidance that I don’t imagine I would access with more traditional coaches.

I highly recommend Teresa.

Karen G.

Singer/Songwriter, London, England

Teresa is an outstanding coach.  Her understanding of human relationships, coupled with her generous heart and sharp intuition makes her a powerhouse in creating personal transformation.  Through the work we did together, she helped me uncover and discard fears and insecurities I had about myself and see the possibilites I was longing for.  I feel like a weight has been lifted and my future is brighter than ever!  Having worked with other coaches before, I understand and recognize excellent coaching. I recommend Teresa without reservation.


San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Teresa is an amazing coach. Her intuition, love for me as her client, and honesty makes every coaching session a transformative experience. She not only helps me look at my topic from different perspectives but she also helps me get to the root causes and see my true feelings. Her wisdom and straight talk are a great combination for powerful self discoveries.


Organizational Development Consultant, Oakland, CA

I really had no idea what to expect working with Teresa in her group coaching program. I was, as many others, a little out of sorts with the world around me because of the COVID 19 virus and its unknowingness. As the weeks progressed I was learning so many valuable tools to cope with my life that I couldn’t wait to learn more about myself. It was an 8 week marathon that flew by. I laughed & cried. In the end it left me with much more hope and peace than I could have ever imagined, along with some wonderful tools to incorporate in my life’s journey. I would recommend coaching of this type with Teresa to anyone who may feel a little lost in this big world.

Joyce Thume

Trappe, MD

Had a great conversation with Teresa today. She’s very intuitive, wise and specific. Teresa helped me make a very difficult decision – easy! I’m looking forward to our next conversation. I highly appreciate her insights!

Heidi P.

Tracy, CA