Uplevel Your Life and Embrace Your Highest Purpose

Working with Teresa is not merely about stress management. It is a journey of reconnection — with your strengths, with your purpose, and with the world around you. It’s about upleveling your life and unlocking the door to a world where your full capabilities and ideal life aren’t just something you dream about — they’re the reality of your everyday existence. 

Teresa’s groundbreaking work, backed by the pioneering research of Ivy League institutions like Yale and Columbia, synthesizes the principles of neuroscience, psychology, and transcendental practices. This potent blend of science and spirituality helps integrate the body, mind, and soul, awakening a deep awareness and amplifying human capabilities to their full potential.

Whether it’s navigating your personal life or excelling in your professional space, Teresa’s vast knowledge and experience can help you embrace and embody your highest purpose. Learn how to make heart-led decisions so you can deploy new systems, processes, knowledge, skills, and abilities to usher in a life you love.

It’s time to remove the barriers keeping you from tapping into your intrinsic power. Start your path toward transformation and embrace a future that is overflowing with resilience, empowerment, and peak performance. Access your inherent strengths and abilities — break free from the overwhelm of stress and feeling something is missing. 

Your path to becoming your truest self begins now. Unlock the power of your potential and start living your dream life today. 

Step Into HER Power

Set yourself on the path to a stress-free and fulfilling life with a transformative two-day play shop with renowned Elite Transformation Coach Teresa Lodato.

Client Experiences

HER Power
Immersion Day

Experience a transformative one-day journey, customized to your unique needs and goals. You will learn how to tune into your inner wisdom, identify and remove blocks that are keeping you from living a life of passion and purpose.

Get exclusive support for 30 days following your immersion day, so you can continue to put in place the changes you make. Teresa will use evidence-based tools and holistic approaches to help you integrate your mind, body, and soul — unleashing your most powerful, wise, and successful self.

HER Power Collective

Break free from everything keeping you from stepping fully into a life you love. 

Awaken your true self as a member of HER Power Collective, an exclusive high-touch immersive experience. Over six months, you’ll be surrounded by a community of high-achieving women ready to navigate life’s challenges together and explore the path toward total joy and fulfillment.

Experience monthly 1:1 calls with renowned Elite Transformation Coach Teresa Lodato and gather for a virtual and in-person retreat to create deep personal transformation. HER Power Collective also has an option to join a limited space, in-person retreat at the end of the six-month journey for those of you looking to take your transformation to the next level!