Teresa Lodato is the guide you’ve been seeking.
With her compelling blend of neuroscience, psychology, and transcendental practices, she is setting a new precedent in meaningful transformation for high-performing action takers.

Igniting the Beacon of Change

Teresa has demonstrated a remarkable talent for illuminating the path to transformation for her audience through captivating speeches, insightful books, engaging interviews, and transformative personal and professional development experiences. She has made appearances across the United States and internationally, using her magnetic presence to share her unique perspectives and best practices on how to begin living a life you love.

She welcomes opportunities for in-person speaking engagements and interviews locally and within the United States — and is currently only available for web and phone interviews internationally. To learn more about how Teresa can enrich your event or media platform, please use the link below.

Teresa has been recognized as one of

the Top Co-Active Coaches by Coach


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Teresa is the author of the acclaimed book, Why Aren’t You Listening to Me? and the soon-to-be-released Step Into HER Power. She is celebrated for her Signature Talk, “Step Into HER Power,” which is based on the book by the same name. This keynote address is ideal for any audience grappling with time and stress.

She has also shared her wisdom on diverse topics such as the Science of Intuition, Dealing with Difficult People, and Your Emotions Are Stressing You Out! — each resonating with those eager to create lasting change.

Teresa has been featured in a myriad of media outlets, and her work and expertise has earned her recognition in authoritative sources, including being named one of the Top Co-Active Coaches by Coach Foundation — underlining her position as a leading figure in the field of transformational coaching. 

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