Teresa Lodato, CPCC

For as far back as I can remember communication and connection were important to me.  As a young child I often daydreamed of one day being able to communicate with anyone in the world, being able to speak directly with each person and they in turn understanding and communicating back with me.  I had an immense interest in other cultures, communities and languages, but the relationships people had with one another, their beliefs and perspectives on life is what really spoke to me.  In high school I applied to be a foreign exchange student. My widowed mother couldn’t afford the cost of the program however, so I settled for serving in the United States Navy after high school instead.  Graduating at the top of my class, I had choice of orders and landed coveted civilian oiler duty which allowed me to travel the world.  After the navy, I attended college where I studied finance and took first place in a mock stock market investment competition against other students in my field of study across multiple colleges. Even then my intuition served me, just as it continues to serve me now.

Most of my adult life I worked in male dominated industries, first serving in the Navy and later going on to become an award winning financial advisor for Merrill Lynch. These experiences gave me a great deal of insight into male and female psyches and helped form the perspectives I hold namely: everyone utilizes their masculine and feminine qualities differently and this relationship to self impacts how people navigate their lives.

In 2009 a debilitating, chronic stress related illness ended my career as an Assistant Vice President at Merrill.  I shifted my career goals and entered graduate school to study Psychology – counseling as well as consciousness and transformative studies.  I mentored under the late, great Jeremy Taylor, world renowned projective dream worker, studied Ecotherapy, consciousness and transformative studies, as well as other modalities to help heal myself and dive into my zone of interests: communication, consciousness and transformation. Although doctors informed me I would never work again, my resilient spirit and drive to discover my calling in life led me to be trained and later certified by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), the gold standard of coaching in our industry.  I will never forget the first day of coach training when I reflected back upon the previous eight years of my healing journey and realized that winding path of seemingly erratic, heart driven choices had indeed been a direct path to my life’s work. Even now I get teary eyed thinking of the calling within my heart to live my life’s purpose being fully realized on that first day. “I have arrived! I am exactly where I am meant to be!” is the song my inner self sang to me and continues to sing to me each day I am blessed to work with incredible clients doing the work I love!  I have since added Neuroscience and Neurotransformational coaching to my toolbox.  Recognizing how your brain communicates with your body is of special interest to me. Additional tools as a Positive Intelligence Pioneer coach is just another way I continue to grow as a coach and provide my clients with elite level coaching.

To me relationships are the center pointe of life. No matter if it is a relationship with others, yourself or even the natural world, you have a responsibility to find your own way and to answer the calling within your heart.  As life offers countless distractions, it is even more important that you wake up and listen to the wisdom and guidance of your heart no matter how illogical it may seem.  Self-awareness, communication and relationship are the lynchpins of my coaching because they are the cornerstones of my life.  My life’s purpose is to help you achieve your heart’s desires by guiding you to become authentically aligned with the core of who you are, as well as modeling the freedom and balance gained by Becoming Aware™.

Formerly a divorced woman who found love online and overcame the statistics by marrying the love of my life in my forties, I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area as a blended family: one child from each of our marriages and a surprise child born in 2016. I enjoy hiking, yin yoga, spending time with friends, playing golf, volunteering with local animal assisted therapy groups and serving on various boards for patient support, therapy programs and now as the Director of Membership Engagement for the International Coach Federation, SF Bay Area Chapter.  As a working mom, I have a lot to balance. The most important thing is keeping priorities in line and maintaining the skill set to maneuver the complexities of this modern day love affair.