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Your Elite Transformation Coach and
Founder of Becoming Aware®

Uniquely Qualified

Known as a “Powerhouse for Personal Transformation”, Teresa’s exceptional breadth and depth of expertise includes a master’s level background in psychology, advanced certifications in neuroscience and relational trauma coaching.

She is a Navy veteran and holds additional certifications in leadership training, facilitation, negotiation, projective dreamworking, financial management, in addition to being a certified and tested Intuitive and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher of the Usui lineage — making her uniquely qualified to provide a fully comprehensive and holistic approach to achieving profound personal transformation.

Teresa has been recognized by her industry as a Top Coach for her work guiding high-achieving women, like you, to tap into their own inner guidance, listen to their bodies, and use their minds to access their truest and most powerful potential.

Teresa has been recognized as one of

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From High-Stress to High-Performance

Teresa is no stranger to the turmoil stress can wreak in one’s life. In 2009, she endured a life-altering challenge when faced with intense head pain and stroke-like symptoms. Diagnosed with a rare and debilitating stress induced condition called hemiplegic migraine, it forced her to leave a successful career in Private Banking and Investments at a top Wall Street firm. Her successful career of 20+ years in financial services, as well as Teresa’s life was flipped upside down. 

Through her journey toward recovery, Teresa became frustrated with the medical system and its ineffective solutions. In her search for answers, she discovered the profound secrets of natural healing and the importance of listening to her body and learning to trust herself. 

By elevating her awareness and becoming more aligned with her body and soul, she was able to harness her intuition and learn how to recognize when to push and protect boundaries. Gaining confidence in her innate gifts and strengths, Teresa enabled herself to live a more powerful, abundant, and purposeful life in balance and harmony — overcoming her suffering, stress, and illness.

Today, she’s a beacon of resilience, standing testimony to the power of self-discovery and transformative healing. She’s not just a coach; she’s a leader and companion who has walked this road before. 

Together with her clients, she helps them navigate their own transformative journey. She guides her clients from surviving to thriving, from high-stress to high-performance, and from a life as they know it to a life that they love — free from stress and overflowing with joy, purpose, and fulfillment.




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